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Animations and Videos

Brochures and Bulletins

Red Valve and Tideflex® Product Line Brochures

Red Valve and Tideflex® Application Brochures

Red Valve AIS Requirements

Air Actuated Pinch Valves

Series 2600 Miniflex

Series 4700

Type A

Type A Megaflex

Type R

CheckMate UltraFlex In-line Check Valve

Control Pinch Valves

Control Pinch Valves

Series 5200 Pneumatic Actuated Control Valve

Series 5200 Diaphragm Actuated Control Pinch Valve

Series 5200 D-Port Control Pinch Valve

Series 5200E Electric Actuated Control Pinch Valve

Series 5300 Open Frame Control Pinch Valve

Series 5400 Centerline Closure Control Pinch Valve

Series 5700 Centerline Closure Control Pinch Valve

Series 5800 Electric Actutated Control Pinch Valve

Series 9000 High Pressure Control Pinch Valve

Series RSR Surge Relief Control Pinch Valve

Control Pinch Valve Accessories

Control Pinch Valve Actuators

Control Pinch Valve Positioners

Free Flow Collar for Bulk Solids Fluidization

Control Pinch Valve Sleeves

Control Pinch Valve Sleeves

Knife Gate Valves

Manual Pinch Valves

Manual Pinch Valves

Series 70 Manual Pinch Valve

Series 75 Manual Pinch Valve

Series 75B Manual Pinch Valve

Series 9000 Manual Pinch Vave

Series 52H Large Dimeter Manual Pinch Vave

Pressure Sensors

Pressure Sensors

Series 40 Pressure Sensor

Series 40W Pressure Sensor

Series 42/742 Pressure Sensor

Series 48 Pressure Sensor

Series 48W Pressure Sensor

Pressure Sensor Accessories

Redflex Expansion Joints

Redflex Expansion Joints

J-1, J-1 Wide Expansion Joints

J-10, J-11, R-4, R-5 Reducing Expansion Joints

Rubber Fittings and Pipes

SL-50, SL-53 Expansion Joints

Tideflex Aeration and Mixing Systems

Tideflex® Aeration and Mixing Systems

Application Areas and Installation References

Tideflex Check Valves

Series 2633 Inline Check Valve

Series 35 Check Valve

Series 35-1 Check Valve

Series 37, 37G Check Valve

Series 39 Check Valve

Series 39F Check Valve

TF-1 Check Valve

TF-2 Check Valve

Waterflex Check Valve

Tideflex Effluent Diffuser Systems

Tideflex Hydraulic Recirculation and Mixing Systems

Tideflex Potable Water Mixing Systems TMS

Tideflex® Mixing System (TMS)