Tideflex® Product and System Engineering

Computer Technology and Design Models

The direction of Tideflex® engineering is to develop systems that are simple in operation and require little or no maintenance, while at the same time achieve the highest levels of performance.  Tideflex® Check Valves and Mixing Nozzles provide the simplicity and maintenance-free operation required.  

Tideflex® engineers have developed several specialized design models specific to the performance characteristics of Tideflex® Check Valves and Hydrodynamic Mixing Nozzles.  Our engineers also integrate specialized models available in the environmental industry, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for hydrodynamic mixing design within fixed boundaries.  Tideflex® utilizes and maintains the most current version of the design software AutoCAD and provides consulting engineers CAD files of the proposed and final mixing systems.

The combination of specialty constructed products and high tech computer modeling has made the Tideflex® Mixing Systems product lines the most innovative in the industry.  Tideflex's® approach to mixing design and the validity confirmed through computer modeling is redefining many of the standards and guidelines applied to mixing design.

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