Air Sparging Systems

Bulk chemicals such as titanium dioxide are often mixed into a solution to be pumped into rail cars and shipped to the end user. Many of these chemicals will quickly settle out of suspension if the railcar is not unloaded in a timely manner. To counteract this problem, many railcars employ an air sparging system to allow the contents of the tank to be constantly mixed. This ensures that the entire contents of the railcar can be unloaded, ensuring maximum profitability.

Air sparging systems must be reliable and non-clogging to keep operating and maintenance costs low. For this reason, many tank car manufacturers and users are using the Tideflex Air Sparging Valve. This simple, yet rugged, rubber valve prevents backflow into the piping manifold, thereby eliminating plugging and clogging. The Tideflex Air Sparging Valve design offers the additional advantage of a duckbill shape that acts as a nozzle to increase the velocity of injected air for improved mixing.

Dry powders and granules also benefit from the Tideflex Air Sparging Valve when stored in silos and hoppers. The weight of the material can compact the powder at the bottom of the hopper and creates a bridge that prevents anything from flowing from the hopper. Sparging Valves inject air at high velocity to keep the contents in a fluid state.