Tideflex® Mixing Systems (TMS) For Potable Water Storage Tanks

Custom Engineered for an Innovative Mixing Solution

The key to the Tideflex® Mixing System (TMS) is the Tideflex® Check Valve. Developed in the 1980s from a United States EPA grant, the check valve was created to solve backflow problems in outfall pipes. Tideflex® engineers further expanded the use of the Tideflex® Check Valve by developing it into a Variable Orifice Inlet Nozzle that provides superior mixing characteristics when compared to a fixed-diameter pipe.

When used in the TMS, the Tideflex® Variable Orifice Nozzles optimize jet velocity at all flow rates and discharge an elliptically shaped jet, achieving rapid and complete mixing and improving water quality. The TMS also separates the inlet and outlet with one manifold pipe, eliminating short-circuiting, water stagnation, dead zones and stratification.

The ingenious design of the TMS requires no maintenance and uses the energy of the fill and draw cycles, so there is no need for an outside energy source. Given the maintenance burden of distribution systems already placed on water utilities, the TMS eliminates maintenance and inspection requirements associated with mechanical mixers.  The TMS has been extensively CFD and scale modeled for every tank style, and is validated to improve water quality by owner-conducted field sampling and monitoring of parameters such as temperature, residual, TTHM, HAAS, pH, DO, nitrites, nitrates and HPC.

For any size and style of tank, Tideflex® engineers can determine the optimum TMS configuration (based on CFD and scale modeling) and run Manifold Hydraulics Mixing Analysis Models. The Mixing Analysis shows the owner exactly how much tank turnover is required to achieve complete mixing. For existing tanks, Red Valve reverse engineers the TMS to ensure complete mixing based on how the tank is actually being fluctuated.

Tideflex® Variable Orifice Nozzles and Waterflex Outlet Check Valves are NSF 61 Certified.

U.S. Patent No. 7,104,279
Canada Patent No. 2,409,009

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