Liquor Handling

Digesters chemically pulp wood by adding white liquor to wood chips to break down and separate the wood fibers from the lignin glue that holds them together. After the digestion process is completed, the results are red liquor containing wood fibers and black liquor containing dissolved organic wood materials and alkali compounds. All liquors are difficult to handle with traditional metal ball, plug and gate valves due to their high solids content, thick consistency and the chemicals involved.

Red Valve Control Pinch Valves are ideal for liquor applications because of their full-face-face rubber sleeve, the only wetted part of the valve. High-quality synthetic elastomers ensure chemical compatibility and abrasion resistance. The rugged flexibility of the sleeve allows it to seal on entrapped debris for a drop-tight seal. Since the sleeve is also full-ported, it ensures maximum flow with no obstructions.