Series 5200


The Red Valve Series 5200 Control Valve offers maximum durability with precise control and virtually eliminates maintenance.  The Series 5200 valve is designed in sizes 1” to 4”. A heavy-duty, rugged pinch mechanism positions the sleeve resulting in accurate flow control.  The valve has no packing to maintain or seats to wear and the need for expensive body alloys is eliminated. 

The standard Series 5200 Control Pinch Valve is designed with a stroke adjustment located inside the valve yoke.  The stroke adjustment allows customers to easily make small control changes in the field and simplifies actuator maintenance by creating a removal point in the valve stem. The stroke adjustment allows the user to fine tune the flow control as the sleeve wears, particularly in slurry applications. 

Variable orifice and cone sleeves can be specified to further enhance control performance and match the exact Cv level desired.  True feedback positioning is accomplished through the direct linkage of the pneumatic positioner to the valve stem shaft.  There is no splitting of the positioner output.  The benefits of true feedback positioning on the 5200 Valve are accurate small-change response signals to the positioner, causing similar changes in true valve position, greatly enhancing control accuracy.

In smaller sizes, the Series 5200 is available with a diaphragm actuator.  The quick-response and low-hysteresis of a diaphragm actuator allows the 5200 to react quickly to input signals.  This gives the 5200 Diaphragm great accuracy and repeatability on small-diameter slurry lines. 

In sizes over 4", the Series 5200 D is used. A slight pre-pinch of the sleeve does not affect capacity or flow, but increases response to input signal and accuracy.

The Series 5200 can also be specified with a choice of electric actuators as the Series 5200E.

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  • High cycle life, repeatable control
  • Sleeve is the only part in contact with the media
  • Eliminates need for expensive body materials
  • Versatile choice of sleeve trims
  • Able to meet exact flow requirements
  • External stroke adjustment
  • Bi-directional, drop-tight shut off