Series 5800


The Series 5800 Electric Actuated Control Valve is reliable, maintenance-free and cost effective. Replacing a plug valve, gate valve or ball valve is easy with the Series 5800 because it has the same face-to-face dimensions. There are no seats to grind, no stuffing box to repack and no packing gland to adjust. The rugged, self-cleaning elastomer sleeve isolates all mechanical parts of the mechanism, so the break away torque remains constant.

The Series 5800 sleeve closes on centerline and can be actuated with an AUMA, Rotork or other standard motor electric operators. Declutch and override components are furnished as standard. Operators can be furnished as an integral part of the electric operator or with a remote station. Optional features include heaters, thermostats, explosive-proof construction, position indicators, indication lights and proportioning control from a 4-20mA instrument signal.

The Series 5800 has the same face-to-face as gate, plug or ball valves, ANSI 16.10 up to 6” sizes. Optional 8”, 10”, and 12” are available with cone sleeve trims.

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  • Electric actuation provides precise, accurate control
  • Sleeve is the only wetted part, resulting in constant break-away torques
  • Centerline closure
  • Same face-to-face as gate, plug or ball valves
  • Bi-directional drop-tight shut off