Series RSR


The Red Valve Series RSR Pressure Relief Valve is designed specifically for slurry applications. It is a reliable relief valve available for slurry service, venting surge pressures in the system or to maintain system pressure.

The valve operates simply by making use of a spring loaded cylinder, which keeps a rugged reinforced rubber pinch valve sleeve pinched closed. As process pressure builds up and exceeds the tension set by the spring, the valve opens. The greater the pressure build up, the more the valve opens. The sleeve isolates the process from the pinch mechanism, eliminating corrosion, bridging, plugging, and valve freezing.

The adjustment nut on top of the actuator allows for easy external recalibration. If actual system operation pressures change, the correction and fine tuning of the system can be made by simply turning the adjustment nut. An optional accessory system for handling sustained surges is also available.

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  • Opens full wide with pressure surge
  • Eliminates water hammer or cycling
  • Unit includes a flow control valve
  • Sleeve is the only part in contact with the media
  • Versatile choice of sleeve trims
  • External adjustment