Series 5300


Red Valve's Series 5300 Valves feature many of the same advantages of the Series 5200 line of control pinch valves in a light-weight, low-cost, open frame design. The open frame design is possible because the sleeve is the only wetted part of the pinch valve, protecting the operating mechanism and frame from corrosive or abrasive attack from the line process. A heavy-duty, rugged pinch mechanism pinches the sleeve, resulting in accurate flow control. The Series 5300 has no packing to maintain or seats to wear and is well suited for handling corrosives, powders and slurries.

Pneumatic, electric or hydraulic operators are available complete with pneumatic or electro-pneumatic positioners. Due to the fabricated open frame design of the Series 5300, slight variations in face-to-face length can be accommodated.

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  • Cost-effective, open frame control valve design
  • Lightweight design
  • High cycle life, repeatable control
  • Sleeve is the only component in contact with media
  • Eliminates need for expensive bodies
  • Externally visible valve position