Series 9000 Manual


The High Pressure Series 9000 Manual Pinch Valve is designed with ANSI Class 300 flange drilling.  The heavy-duty elastomer sleeves are reinforced with high strength nylon, polyester fabrics or Kevlar material.  Several heavy-duty sleeve designs are available.  The elastomer sleeve will close even on solids and the flexing action of the sleeve eliminates the possibility of scaling.  Two heavy-duty pinch bars close the sleeve.  All valve working parts are isolated from the process by the sleeve.  Combining these features with a sealed body design and no packing to maintain results in a simple, rugged, no hang-up, maintenance-free valve.

Several bevel gear actuators are available for on/off manual operation.

In order to accommodate the higher working pressure design, the valve is normally sized one size larger to allow for the thick double wall high pressure sleeve.  Series 9000 designs are also available in ANSI Class 150 designs, and are available with pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators.

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  • High-pressure pinch valve design
  • Heavy-duty polyester or Kevlar reinforced high pressure sleeve is the only wetted part
  • Sealed body design
  • Full pressure rated body