Discharging chlorinated water from storage tank overflows onto land or into a stormwater system can be toxic and severely harmful to plant and aquatic life. In
order to address environmental concerns and potential regulatory penalties, Tideflex Engineers have created an overflow pipe assembly that prevents bird/rodent
intrusion, increases tank security, and also removes chlorine and chloramine residual during overflow discharges.

The Dechlorinating Overflow Security Assembly, or DOSA, is constructed of dual Tideflex Nozzles and an internal adjustable dechlorination tube completely enclosed in a powder coated steel body. During an overflow event, the upper Tideflex Nozzle discharges an elliptically-shaped jet down into a dechlorination tube. A calculated portion of water passes through the tube. The rest of the water deflects around the tube. All of the water is then blended to ensure it is thoroughly mixed and dechlorinated, prior to discharging out of the DOSA through the lower Tideflex Check Valve.

Patent Pending

  • Completely removes chlorine and chloramine residuals during overflow events
  • Non-clogging
  • Adjustable internal tube maximizes removal efficiency
  • Dual Tideflex Nozzles provide security against potential malicious intent to tank
  • Keeps water system compliant with existing or forthcoming discharge regulations
  • Prevents birds, rodents and cold air from entering tank
  • Low headloss
  • Overflow hydraulic analysis available
  • Available with lower flanged pipe spool
  • Sizes 2˝-24˝, larger sizes available
  • Available for horizontal overflow pipes
  • Will not freeze in cold weather
  • Optional sensor available to signal overflow event