TMS in Dry Riser Elevated Tanks


Elevated tanks are prone to poor mixing in summer and icing in winter, due to a large surface area exposed to the sun and the elements. The inlet-outlet pipe of Sphere-Spheroid, Fluted-Column and Composite Elevated Tanks (CET) runs up the pedestal, or dry riser, and penetrates the bottom of the bowl.

For tanks with common inlet-outlet pipes, the TMS is a vertical manifold with Waterflex Outlet Valves near the bottom of the bowl. This separates the inlet and outlet and eliminates short-circuiting. Multiple Tideflex Inlet Nozzles are located at various elevations and discharge
angles along the vertical riser to achieve complete mixing and will minimize the possibility of icing. For tanks with a separate outlet pipe, the TMS manifold is installed on the inlet pipe.

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