TMS in Wet Riser Elevated Tanks


Multi-column or multi-leg tanks are highly prone to water quality issues. Often the wet riser is 3-12 feet in diameter, running from ground level to the bottom of the tank, where it enters the bowl. At ground level, the inlet-outlet pipe penetrates the bottom of the wet riser and is significantly smaller in diameter than the wet riser. As a result, water velocity is severely reduced when it enters the wet riser from the inlet-outlet pipe. This drastically reduced velocity is not sufficient for mixing, making these tanks highly prone to thermal stratification and short-circuiting in warmer months when inlet water is colder. The colder water is denser and remains at the bottom of the tank during the fill cycle and the momentum of the inflow of the wet riser
is almost always too low to provide complete mixing.

To achieve complete mixing, the Tideflex Inlet Nozzles are located up in the bowl or vertical riser. Waterflex Outlet Valves are located at the bottom of the wet riser, near ground level.

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