Series D Flexgate Pneumatic


Red Valve's Series D Flexgate Valves are available with pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators. Other options include limit switches, solenoids and air regulators.

The actuated Flexgate Valve provides long-term abrasion resistance under high-cycle conditions. The valve self-cleans each time it is cycled and is ideal for automated operations.

Red Valve manufactures its pneumatic actuators using black Amalgon, a fiberglass-reinforced epoxy resin. The actuator material is inert to most corrosive chemicals, hydraulic fluids, water and oil. It has an operating temperature range from -90°F to 225°F and can withstand maximum working pressures of 250 psi. Inside the actuator walls are polished and impregnated with molydisulfide for reduced friction and wear. The piston seal is a long-lasting O-ring. The piston rod is sealed with a lip seal, which is protected by a rod wiper ring. This wiper ring prevents dirt from being dragged through the seal.

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  • Ideal for difficult abrasive slurry service
  • Replaceable elastomer cartridge seats
  • Heavy-duty, 150 psi stainless steel gate
  • Bi-directional, drop-tight shut off