Series TF-2


The TF-2 was the first duckbill check valve introduced by Tideflex Technologies. The TF-2 was developed based on a United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant in the 1980s to overcome excessive costs in maintenance and replacement of non-performing flapgates. The TF-2 design has been enhanced by the TF-1 Flat-bottom Duckbill Check Valve. The TF-1 requires minimal bottom clearance and the inherent geometry and construction of the TF-1 yields a stronger, more durable check valve.

The TF-2 installs by slipping over the end of an exposed piece of pipe, and is fastened with compression clamps. The inside diameter of the TF-2’s cuff is fabricated to exactly match the outside diameter of the pipe.

The original Tideflex Check Valve design, the TF-2, has a flare on the top and bottom of the valve. It has been superseded by the TF-1 as Tideflex's standard design, but remains available for customers who desire it for aesthetic reasons or space limitations.

The TF-2 can also be installed on the O.D. of elliptical pipe and many arch pipes. Tideflex Technologies also offers a thimble plate option allowing the slip-on TF-2 to be installed directly to a headwall or seawall. For higher backpressure ratings or to lower headloss while maintaining backpressure ratings, the Saddle Support Technology (SST) can be used in conjunction with the Series TF-2.

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  • Reliable backflow prevention
  • 100% elastomer construction eliminates maintenance
  • Will not corrode, warp or freeze open or shut
  • 1”-2” cracking pressure, low headloss
  • Curved bill enhances sealing around debris
  • Custom built for each application based on pressure and flow conditions
  • Available in diameters from 1/2" (12mm) to 102” (2550mm)