CheckMate® UltraFlex™ Inline Check Valve


The CheckMate® UltraFlex™ Inline Check Valve works by preventing unwanted backflow that can cause surcharging and flooding. The valve minimizes damage to commercial, wetlands, beaches and residential areas. It also eliminates hydraulic surges to wastewater treatment plants, saving municipalities millions of dollars in maintenance and treatment costs.

The CheckMate® UltraFlex™ has extremely low headloss and seals around debris. It operates completely on differential pressure, no outside energy source or operation is needed. Unlike other inline check valves, the CheckMate® UltraFlex™Valve contains no molded parts. It is hand-fabricated, utilizing multiple natural and synthetic elastomers and wire and fabric-reinforced plys for a heavy-duty unibody construction. There are no mechanical parts or fasteners to catch debris, corrode or fail. This design makes the CheckMate® 100% maintenance-free and easy to install.  With seven elastomers to select from, the CheckMate® UltraFlex™Valve can be custom-engineered to resist chemicals, grease and oils typically found in stormwater, wastewater and industrial applications.

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  • Extremely low headloss 
  • Durable 100% elastomer construction
  • Easily installed in any type of pipe
  • No mechanical parts
  • 3" (75 mm) - 78" (1950 mm) size
  • 25  year life expectancy
  • Operates on differential pressure
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Self-draining
  • Less than 1" of head pressure cracks open valve
  • Eliminates standing water
  • Silent, non-slamming
  • Simple installation
  • Extensive independent hydraulic testing
  • Opens to near full pipe diameter