CheckMate® UltraFlex® In-Line Check Valve Installs Easily into Pipe to Prevent Stormwater Flooding Along Hampton River

A stormwater outfall located on the Hampton River in Virginia was constantly affected by tidal water, blocking the pipeline with mud and silt. The existing metal flap gate valve would not operate properly, getting stuck in the closed position from the mud and silt blocking it.

To protect the stormwater outfall from backflow and flooding, officials at Hampton University (where the outfall was located), consulted a sales representative for Red Valve, a world leader in backflow prevention technologies. A 30” CheckMate UltraFlex® In-Line Check Valve was selected to remedy the situation, due to its proven track record of backflow prevention and its ability to freely drain and clear itself of mud and silt. The CheckMate UltraFlex® Valve also boasts extremely low head loss, allowing for near 100% flow capacity.

The installation crew coordinated the installation to occur during low tide and installed the patented CheckMate UlltraFlex® In-line Check Valve quickly and easily. Installing the unit prior to high tide eliminated the need for dewatering, as well as the difficult challenge of blocking tidal water. Typically, no modification to the pipe or structure is required to install the CheckMate UlltraFlex®.

“The CheckMate® Valve was simply inserted into position inside the outfall and clamped into place,” the Red Valve sales representative said. “The installation went flawlessly, and the CheckMate® fit in the outfall like a glove.”

The CheckMate UlltraFlex® In-line Check Valve is user-friendly and proven effective in maintaining function when covered in mud and other debris. In addition to being self-cleaning, there is never a possibility of corrosion, freezing in winter or sticking open or shut like a flap gate. There are no molded or mechanical parts, fasteners or rivets that will loosen, act as catch points, break, corrode or fail. Every CheckMate® In-Line Check Valve is hand-fabricated, made of multiple layers of varying natural and synthetic elastomers, wire and fabric-reinforced plies, all of which are vulcanized into a robust unibody valve. The proprietary elastomer construction and unibody design delivers an exceptionally long service life with little to no maintenance required. The key to the CheckMate UlltraFlex® Valve’s longevity, performance and low head loss characteristics is in the design and construction, resulting in savings for both in installation time and operational cost.

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