Water Supplier Uses Waterflex Valves in 15.5 Billion Gallon Water Reservoir


When Florida’s largest wholesale water supplier decided to build a new reservoir, they needed reliable components that could ensure a continuous source of drinking water.  The reservoir’s design included a 30-foot tall concrete tower that would be used to fill and drain the reservoir.   A mechanism was needed on the tower to act as a safety relief valve.


The project engineers contacted Red Valve Company to test and evaluate the use of an 84-inch check valve.  After an assessment of the hydraulic and hydrologic impact, a Waterflex Check Valve was found to be the optimal choice to fulfill project requirements.


An 84-inch stainless steel Waterflex Valve and factory-furnished carbon steel mounting plate was installed on the tower to act as a safety relief valve.  In 2014, the reservoir was renovated.  The work included removing the 6,000 lb Waterflex Valve, to inspect and refurbish the mounting plate.  The Waterflex was then mounted back onto the tower.  The valve has been in service since 2001, providing safety to the water supplier.

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