Type A Megaflex Regulates and Diverts Stormwater Flow Challenge


The City of Indianapolis wanted to eliminate combined sewer overflow events.  There are a number of ways to do this, but the most cost-effective method was to better utilize the storage capacity of the existing collection system. 


To accomplish this, Indianapolis selected a 72” Type A Megaflex Valve.  The city selected a Type A because the pinch valve vault and control structures could be built around the existing live interceptor.  When the valve arrived on site, the contractor could cut a section of the existing interceptor away and slip the valve into place.  They were able to install the Type A in the evening hours and did not have to impact customers in a significant manner. 


The Type A Megaflex technology allows Indianapolis to regulate the amount of flow diverted. Instead of technologies that divert all or no flow, the city modulates the pinch valve to utilize the capacity of the diverted flow to an interceptor to use its full capacity. Excess water is allowed through the other interceptor by modulating the inflation pressure of the pinch valve. Operating in this manner, the City of Indianapolis makes full use of the capacity of the existing interceptor system.  The Type A has proven to be an excellent innovative solution to the control of wastewater flow and, consequently, the reduction of overflows for the City of Indianapolis.

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