Tideflex Check Valves Key to Clonmel Flood Defense Plan


The Irish town of Clonmel suffered from continued flooding by the River Suir. Records show that the quays in the town flooded on average six out of every ten years, having a severe impact on the town's population, commerce and infrastructure.


Check Valves were needed to prevent floodwaters from pushing upstream through road gullies, manhole covers, back inlet gulley traps, etc. In addition, the river would flood while flowing under high volume and velocity. Tideflex® Check Valves were selected by the design team as the most reliable, maintenance-free drainage valves for these conditions and six large, rubber duckbill Tideflex® Check Valves were chosen for the outfalls.

Any valves exposed to the flow would need to handle large sideways force. With access to years of research and development by Tideflex® Technologies and other independent engineering bodies, the design team received proof that Tideflex® Check Valves were up to the challenge. This was especially important as the valves needed to be mounted directly on the quay walls, protruding out into the river.


The Tideflex® installation has rendered outstanding results from day one, with no backflow issues, and no maintenance requirements. The importance of having a reliable check valve on the outfalls of this flood relief plan was illustrated during a flood event in February, 2014. While this was not an extreme event, a manhole cover was lifted off by the force of floodwater rushing upstream from an unsealed outfall, resulting in a dramatic water "fountain" that caused significant damage to the road. Investigation discovered a previously unknown outfall buried in silt in the river, which had no functioning valve to prevent backflow. Once again, a Tideflex® Check Valve was installed to prevent a repeat incident.

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