TF-1 Check Valve Protects Town From Flood Prone River


After heavy rains, the Barrow River would often flood the town of Carlow, Ireland.


The city began a flood relief project to increase the capability of existing flood protection pipeline, storage chambers, pumping stations and pressure lines. Tideflex® TF-1 Check Valves were chosen as backflow prevention valves throughout the project because of their low maintenance, cost savings and reliability.


The TF-1 Check Valves Provide a low-energy backflow solution that maximizes gravity flows and minimizes pump pumping costs. Using a combination of CSO chambers and TF-1 Valves reduced running time, size and number of pumps required to cope with heavy rainfall. The TF-1’s eccentric, flat-bottomed design was installed close to the chamber floor for greater use of system head, thus maximizing discharge capability.  The all-rubber construction seals better and is tougher than metal.  It will never rust or require lubrication.  For these reasons, Carlow chose the Tideflex® TF-1 Check Valve.

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