Stormwater Containment – Mixing and Oxygen Supply System

Application / Industry:  Stormwater Management
Customer Name:  Stuart National Guard Airbase, Newburg, NY
Consulting Engineer:  CHA - Clough Harbour Associates, Albany, NY
Process Fluid:  Stormwater (Runway Runoff)
Process Treatment Method:  Storage Lagoon No.1 & No.2


The Stewart National Guard Airbase in Newburg, NY, was required to capture initial stormwater runoff during every storm event for testing prior to discharge to the POTW.  To help minimize storage equipment cost, the design engineer wanted to utilize two existing open-top lagoons with no covering.  The lagoons were to be lined with a geotextile impervious membrane placed on an earthen base, which posed a problem for anchoring an air distribution system.  The stormwater lagoon would remain empty until a storm event; therefore, the mixing equipment had to be durable enough to handle the harsh environmental conditions that would occur during winter months.


Red Valve Tideflex® Technologies engineers provided a maintenance-free Coarse Bubble Mixing and Oxygen Supply System for each lagoon. To anchor air distribution piping down and prevent floatation from buoyancy, Tideflex® engineers designed a concrete footing that would follow the piping route.  Installation contractors installed the footing and anchored the Tideflex® pipe support rods to the concrete. The geotextile membrane installer placed the membrane over the earthen floor and concrete footings and provided a fusion-bonded seam around all rod penetrations, maintaining the containment integrity of the liner system.  After the liner was installed, the remaining portion of the Coarse Bubble Mixing Systems equipment could be installed on to the support brackets.


The two stormwater storage lagoons are now operated as containment vessels, with complete mixing and dissolved oxygen transfer keeping fluid aerobic.  Solids and debris in stormwater are re-suspended prior to pump discharge of the stormwater from the vessel. Tideflex® diffusers located 2” off the floor provide mixing energy to re-suspend solids. During storm events, the Tideflex® System’s robust design has consistently proven strong enough to handle snow and ice accumulation in the lagoon without affecting air discharge when required. 

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