Series 39 Inline Check Valves Replace Ball Valves at Wastewater Treatment Plant


The Plum Island Wastewater Treatment Plant in Charleston, SC, experienced problems with ball valves that would not open and close properly, creating slamming issues.  The continued slamming damaged the ball valves. 


After testing, the Plum Island WWTP was very pleased with the non-slamming characteristics of the Series 39 Inline Check Valve and decided to replace all of their ball valves. 


The customer was very pleased with their Series 39 Inline Check Valves.  In the event that the Series 39 Valves were ever to be damaged, only a replaceable inset inside of the Series 39 would have to be changed and they would operate like new.  Unlike the ball valve system, which had to be replaced in its entirety once damaged.  The customer will experience significant savings as a result.

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