Knife Gate Valves Provide Solution in Highly Acidic Wastewater
Treatment Process


When owners of an abandoned coal mine discovered contaminated groundwater on site, plans immediately went underway for a new pump station and groundwater treatment/discharge plant. The West Virginia mine had been closed for nearly seven years when the Department of Environmental Protection found that site runoff was polluting a nearby river.  The mine needed an efficient plant that could handle the highly acidic nature of the coal waste while requiring minimal maintenance over time.


Working with a consulting engineer, the mine owners carefully selected process equipment for its new plant that would not corrode upon contact with the highly acidic groundwater and could handle slurries of high solids content.  For both influent and effluent flow control and on/off service, the mine chose handwheel-operated Flexgate Slurry Knife Gate Valves from Red Valve. 


The installed Flexgates feature a rugged cast iron body and a Teflon-coated 316 stainless steel gate for optimum performance in the harshest conditions. For easy and inexpensive maintenance, the Flexgates came equipped with replaceable cartridge seats constructed of abrasion-resistant elastomers that were custom-matched for chemical compatibility.  When fully open, the Flexgates are full-ported for unobstructed flow, and a unique flush-through design allows for easy cleaning.

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