Control Valves Provide Long-Term Performance in Paper Mill


A large paper mill in California had been using plug and ball valves for lime slurry process. The plug and ball valves’ constant maintenance problems prompted the paper mill to replace them. Lime has a tendency to build up as scale inside pipes and valves, and this scaling can severely inhibit the operation of traditional ball and plug valves and restrict flow. Ball and plug valves also suffer the problem of dewatering, which happens at the point where pressure is shut off. The upstream pressure in the line ahead of the valve will force liquid out of the lime, leaving a dry plug behind. This plug is hard enough to block the opening of a quarter turn valve, resulting in the use of cheater bars to open valves. Broken stems are a common result.


The abrasion-resistant and self-cleaning design of Red Valve Pinch Valves was exactly what the paper mill needed. The Series 5200 Control Valve and Series 75 Manual Control Valve are both strong performing valves that have never caused any problems for the paper mill.


The mill changes the sleeves on a preventative maintenance schedule so they do not wear out. As a result, they have never had a failure with the Series 5200 and Series 75 Pinch Valves. The valves continue to perform reliably, even after 19 years in service.

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