ChecKMate Inline Check Valve Protects Museum from Stormwater Flooding Along Florida Coast


Vizcaya Museum, a historic house located on the coast of Miami, Florida, needed to improve the drainage system on its property. Besides being a museum, Vizcaya is home to extensive botanical gardens, making drainage and flood control of the utmost importance. In order to protect the museum and its gardens from flooding, new stormwater drainage pipes, a stormwater collection system and a stormwater pump station were installed on site.


The project engineer overseeing the design and installation of Vizcaya Museum’s new drainage system needed a reliable check valve to place in the underdrain outfall of a box culvert. At first, a duck- bill-style Tideflex® Check Valve was considered for the box culvert. But ultimately, the engineer decided that a Tideflex® CheckMate® Inline Check Valve would be a better solution to protect the historic property from flooding.


Easily installed into any type of pipe, the CheckMate® Inline Check Valve was ideal for the coastal application at the Vizcaya Museum. The CheckMate® Valve has extremely low headloss, lower than any other check valve, allowed it to open to a near full pipe diameter, maximizing flow capacity of the outfall, providing an ideal solution for the Vizcaya project.

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