1987 Knife Gate Valves Still Performing at High-Capacity Houston Pumping Station


In 1987, responding to city expansion and population growth, the City of Houston installed a new sewer pumping station. The largest in the Houston metropolitan area, the 59th Street Water Pumping Station transfers 10 million gallons of raw sewage to Houston’s Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant every day. The plant needed isolation valves for the massive pumps operating in the station, which would have to be able to remain open for months or even years at a time while achieving exceptionally tight closure upon activation.


The City of Houston installed 11 large-diameter Series G Knife Gate Valves from Red Valve in sizes 30 and 48 inches. The Series G features a thick, stainless steel liner and a heavy-duty cast iron body, making it tougher and more robust than competing designs. The precision-buffed valves were machine-chamfered to reduce packing wear, and two bosses welded to the seats ensured positive sealing.


The Series G Valves are still in operation today, and station operators are thrilled with the performance of the
Series G Knife Gate Valves, none of which have required replacement or had any significant maintenance problems.

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